Kayleigh McEnany mocks Florida ‘travel warning’: What a joke

Kayleigh McEnany mocks Florida 'travel warning': What a joke

Equality Florida says the state poses health and safety risks for LGBTQ people and issued a travel advisory. Florida native Kayleigh McEnany called the measure a ‘joke’ and a ‘stunt’ on the ‘Outnumbered’ panel. #foxnews

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Travel advisories are often used to warn Americans about truly dangerous places Around the world for instance cartel Violence and human trafficking led the U.S to issue do not Travel warnings on Several states in Mexico the same for Afghanistan over attacks on U.S citizens After the taliban's Takeover and now one Florida Civil Rights group believes the Sunshine State needs a warning too Lgbtq Rights group equality Florida Announcing quote today equality Florida Took the extraordinary step of issuing a Travel advisory warning of the risk Posed to the health safety and freedom Of those considering short or long-term Travel or relocation to the state the Move comes in response to a wave of Safety inquiries equality Florida has Received following the passage of laws That are hostile to the lgbtq community Restrict access to reproductive Health Care repeal gun safety laws foment Racial Prejudice and attack public Education by Banning books and sensoring Curriculum Kaylee hyperbole Yeah and misguided and what say you yeah They're worried about safety and freedom Well let's talk a little bit about Florida my home state where you have the Largest net in migration from other States number one tourist destination in The country and when it comes to safety

Lowest crime rate in 50 years compare That to Chicago to New York murders have Gone down 14.2 percent double digits Number one for law enforcement Recruitment you're worried about safety You're worried about Freedom you know it Takes away safety and freedom when you Can't walk down the streets of Chicago When you can't go in the subway in New York when you worry if you act in lawful Self-defense if a rogue Soros fund a D.A Like Alvin Bragg is going to put you in Rikers as he has done so far this is a Joke it's a stunt it's because Governor DeSantis has transformed the state it's The equivalent of getting trounced and Shut out in a football game and then Throw in a punch and calling bogus names To the other team on your way to the Losing locker room Pete this follows the Floor to Immigrant Coalition issued a Similar warning on the heels of the NAACP saying don't go to Florida these Are all political stunts it's a total Joke if I missed something it's been a Few months since I've walked in West Palm Beach uh maybe a few more months Since I've walked in Miami a couple Years since I've been down to Key West Jacksonville last time I checked Florida Is very welcoming yeah welcome to many Different people of many different Communities see this is about ultimately Politics and trans rights see what

Governor DeSantis doesn't want is gentle Mutilation of kill of kids facilitated Through schools and he's willing to Legislate that that's no threat to any Adult that wants to make any other life Choice they want so this is all about Trying to make this antis look bad like He's a threat playing into a narrative And we should dismiss it as a joke I Just think of all the lgbtq businesses And all the individuals who live across Florida it has one of the highest Concentrations of LG cptq businesses in The nation and they're essentially Telling other lgbtq individuals and Families don't go and patronize these Businesses that makes zero sense to me Yeah that's page one of the Playbook of The woke left which is I know better Than you listen to me I know better than Your needs than what your family is Doing right now this is what should Happen it strikes me to you know the Whole Extraordinary Measures it's just Sending an email what are you doing Sending a letter or the flood of Inquiries ready did everyone in the Office just talk about it for a second And what worries me is the amplification So it's going to although I shouldn't be Worried actually because it's not going To matter in the long run but what we're Going to see for example then will be You know anti-campaign ads for example

Toward the governor and potentially Eventual uh presidential Contender where It's like he was the subject of multiple Travel advisories and multiple groups Issued you know it's all about the the Nugget it's all about the sound bite It's all about the headline whereas we Know that was all based on absolute Nonsense and all it took with one person With the keyboard to strike something Out and feel really good about Themselves and it reminds me of you know When you're in class or maybe at a work Training in our prior places of Employment where let's say the speakers Like any questions and then you just go Down a rabbit hole of nonsense the first Couple actually are thoughtful and Everything after that is a piling on an Absolute incendiary atrocious you know You're half asleep and someone's like But then what if this what if this that Is the scenario that these people who Are living in Fantasyland have created And they're dabbling in politics there's No place for them there well let me pile On what you're saying here I just have To weigh in this morning before 6 a.m I'm coming in for our 6 a.m show on fbn Don't have car service so I have to come Into my car and park and walk across Times Square you want to see something That's not safe you want to feel under Threat walk through New York City before

The sun comes up that's my instruction To you wow okay Kaylee really quickly if These groups and individuals are so Afraid of Ron DeSantis why would they Tell people to leave Florida Making it a deep deep red State Particularly on the national level that Would ensure well It would ensure a very it would help Certainly on in a presidential election For whomever the nominee is they know They know Florida is long lost when Under desantis's leadership they've Gained 750 000 Republicans in voter Registration so unfortunately for them I Don't know if there are any blue people To leave Florida I think they've all Turned red [Laughter] Hey everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me And my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on outnumbered every Weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't forget to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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