New 2024 ad targeting Trump could signal ‘vicious’ primary

New 2024 ad targeting Trump could signal 'vicious' primary

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu discusses the need for the Republican Party to have cohesive messaging ahead of the 2024 election in order to avoid losses seen in the 2022 midterm. #FoxNews

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But first the race for the White House It's heating up as a Super PAC Supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Launches a national ad campaign directly Attacking former president Trump welcome To a brand new hour of America's Newsroom I'm Dana Perino I'm Bill Herbert good morning morning to you hope You had a great weekend Denver Off to The Races now yes that we are already This new ad now is the latest sign that Governor DeSantis is getting ready to Jump into the race and what could be a Vicious fight for the Republican Nomination the new ad hitting Trump over Entitlements and questioning his Allegiance to fellow Republicans here's A look we're not going to mess with Social Security as Republican what did Trump say entitlements ever be on your Plane at some point they will be we will Take a look at them should fight Democrats not lie about Governor DeSantis what happened to Donald Trump Governor DeSantis is seen as Trump's Main potential rival though he has not Yet formally confirmed his candidacy and While surveys show Trump as the Front-runner DeSantis has been pulling Above other Republican hopefuls and he's Been among those making appearances in The early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire No more whining

No more complaining Now we get to work if you wanted to Create a blueprint on how to ruin America You would do President Biden and the Radical left has been doing you know After all we're Americans right isn't Freedom in our DNA So on the Democratic side now President Biden yet officially announce his Re-election campaign he was asked about It again at 2 30 in the morning over the Weekend when he came home from Ireland Does he need to the New York Times Writes this closed door meetings about When to roll out the president's Campaign are intensifying still with no Serious primary Challenge and Republicans infighting he feels little Pressure unquote Republican New Hampshire Governor Chris anunu joining Us and he you got on there so stealth as Bill was there during that interview That's the way we rolled into him you Said this at an NRA conference on Friday Let's listen to you on Friday we call For number one Just to talk about the politics I get Nervous about 2024. if we don't have Those Independents if we don't have Those folks back on the team those Disenfranchised voters it ain't going to Happen for us we can yell and scream all We want but we want winners we want

Winners for tomorrow I'd love to expand on that and tell us About the reception to that message There look the reception has been Phenomenal I'm a big believer we've lost Some Independence we've lost younger Voters uh disenfranchised young Republicans that should be very excited To be on our team are not right now and That's what you need and we didn't they Didn't come back to the team in 2022 We're all very upset because frankly we Lost pretty hard in 22 regardless of What people might tell you I should we Should have 54 Republican Senators right Now we we have 49 so that did not pan Out if we stick with the same message in The same game plan we're going to have The same results so we have to we we've Got a great product here right we're Republicans limited government local Control individual responsibility you Come first those are things that that Generation and those Independents want To hear but they're not things that we Lead with all the time so I'm just Trying to get the candidates as a whole The presidential messaging as a whole to Be I think where it needs to be to make Sure that we win as a team as a whole Team did you watch that hearing we held Uh last night over here in New York What's the thing Um

A lot of drama yeah I think there's There's look but anytime Oh it's real affected by it there's no Doubt about it but When I go back to New Hampshire people Are trying to put gas inflation is real It's not going away low-income families Are still uh without choices or we're Dealing with homeless we have the lowest Poverty rate in the country we're trying To make sure we have school choice for People which we do so I I get the drama Of what we see on the news all the time I'm not discrediting that but at the end Of the day What people what the average American is Facing they're not hearing about every Family is dealing with some form of Mental Health crisis whether it's their Neighbors or their co-workers or their Kids are we talking about that every Family is scared to death about drugs And opioids and treatment and Recovery Systems are we we should be leading on That those should be our issues Republicans have an awesome opportunity To steal back the issues of homelessness Of mental health because Look at California you cannot you Can't Blame a Single Republican for that abject Humanitarian disaster of San Francisco And Los Angeles that's all left-wing and Look at Red states red states have Typically the lowest poverty rates right

The lowest uh you know the most Unemployment the most economic success For those individuals so why aren't we Stealing those issues and talking about Them that resonate with the voters in Point but people in New York or Chicago San Francisco may look at this and say You're lucky to be from New Hampshire Because you're not dealing with that's Why people are moving to Redstone that's Why they're moving to Indonesia exactly I do want to ask you about this because Before we can get to any of the Messaging you have to get through New Hampshire right and as a primary and Governor DeSantis did go up there and Paul steinhauser who was one of the Political analysis analysts up there he Wrote this on Twitter uh he said does Santa's gets knocked for a lack of Retail skills but he's been working the Room for 45 minutes now greeting the Audience of our 500 and activists at the Annual Amos tuck dinner and apparently Got a pretty good reception up there in New Hampshire how do you see him doing There I think it was the best retail Politics we've really seen out of Ron DeSantis and he did exactly what a lot Of us were hoping he would do he came Off the stage he shook hands he looked People in the eye he gave them the time He's going to have to do that in 99 Counties in Iowa Kennedy's going to have

To do that in in coffee shops and living Rooms all over New Hampshire and and That's retail politics because if you Can do that it shows you're listening it Shows you want to be part in that Empathetic connection with the voters Issues you're not just there to Pontificate on what you want to say for The day and when you do that as well you Realize the message might not be what You think it is and you might have to Pivot a little bit but that's what Leadership's about so the U.S Supreme Court ruled last year that the state Should decide the issue of abortion and That's playing out in 50 different ways Right now Wall Street Journal DeSantis Gamble on abortion it writes Mr DeSantis Could say the issue would be settle at The state level and that Florida's law Should not dictate the Wisconsin or Pennsylvania that works for us writes The editorial page but you can expect Other candidates challenge that as Insufficient he signed six weeks in the Law last week how do you think this Plays from this point forward for Republicans not well look remember the Scene from It's a Wonderful Life every Time a bell rings an angel gets its Wings every time a republican tries to Talk about abortion someone goes to the Democrat Party I'm telling you it's not About whether you're pro-life or

Pro-choice it's about the terrible Messaging we talk ourselves what about Governor Kemp in Georgia who is who he Signed a similar Bill and he's been Doing great in terms of his approval Rating in Georgia because it's a state Issue when we talk about it as a National issue on National bans and what The president is going to do the the Benefit the presidential candidates have Is look it's a state issue send it to The states let the states decide the Voters and those governors and those Legislatures will have the Accountability there but when we start Saying we're going to renationalize Something that scares the heck out of Voters in a lot of Swing seats in a very Secular pro-choice state where Red State But we're a pro-choice State like New Hampshire it scares us or folks in Ohio Where folks you're trying to get in Arizona and a lot of these folks back so I'm not I'm not taking the issue on Where you need to be on it but Understand that as a party we're Terrible about the messaging and Branding and we're no we've been talking About it as complex and complicated and Thorny and well we spoke a few weeks ago You said July seems to be the time when People like you make up your mind Still sticking to that yeah I think it's Still April so I think we've got a

Little time look I there's a lot of Energy a lot of folks like that local Retail politics that we do retail Management uh that that style and There's so much to play here we haven't Even had a single debate we haven't seen Anyone try to take you know and it's Okay to take swipes it's okay to kind of Kind of push each other because Hopefully as a party as candidates as a Whole we get better and I think the Debates will have a lot of opportunity There but that won't even start till September October wow it'd be August for Us yeah the first Republicans You're in uh no look I'm in on the party I mean I'm making this party bigger I Want winners I'm tired of aren't we all Tired of losing I am tired of losers I'm Tired of this party backing losers I Want winners in the Next Generation that More optimistic more influential voice And we'll see you on the stage well I'd Bring the ratings that's for sure Thanks for being here you bet thank you Great to have you thanks I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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