Rep. Khanna: ‘If you’re gonna sign up to do these jobs, show up’

Rep. Khanna: 'If you're gonna sign up to do these jobs, show up'

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., weighs in on concerns surrounding the growth of artificial intelligence and Congressional response, and discusses the calls for the resignation of California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. #foxnews

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[Music] There are new warnings about the use of Artificial intelligence Technologies This time the concern coming from a tech Industry Titan my next guest is the Democrat whose District includes a lot Of the companies building these AI tools Right now joining me now California Congressman Democrat rocana Congressman Welcome back to Fox News Sunday Thank you for having me this morning Okay you know more about this than most So let's get started there with what Elon Musk told our own Tucker Carlson AI is more dangerous than say mismanaged Aircraft design or production Maintenance or or bad car production in The sense that it is It has the potential however small one Make regard that probability but it is Non-trivial it has the potential of Civilizational Destruction Let me get that out how would you Characterize the threats from AI or do You see them Like any technology it has the potential Of extraordinary good I mean it can map The human genome and lead to Extraordinary advances in medicine but It also could do extraordinary harm if It designs systems that don't have human Judgment and I think what the most Important thing is to make sure humans Always have the final control and we

Have safety checks yeah and there And they're setting these rules whether The UN or some International body does It I want to play something from a Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt talking To you guys in Congress about how this Should play out That American Ingenuity American Scientists the American government and American corporations invent this future And we'll get something pretty close to What we want and then you guys can work On the edges where you have misuse Do you think that's how it should work Let American companies work this out Less like the AI advance and then if There is trouble then Congress should Get involved no I think we need to be Proactive about it we need to come up With clear rules for safety clear rules That say humans need to have the final Say but here's the thing if we aren't Leading Here China they're not stopping They're building their Ai and I think The most important thing is that it's American leadership with American values On this technology and that it's the American people putting the rules out And not China So Congressman Jerry Connolly a fellow Democrat of yours talked about this at That hearing and he said listen social Media companies have all kinds of Power We haven't been able to come up with any

Kind of legislation to deal with those Issues what makes us think that Congress Can actually get it together on AI Well it's sad that we haven't been able To do it on social media and the place Where we should come together on social Media is for young kids one-third of Teenage girls in this country have Contemplated suicide part of that is Because of social media there should be Bipartisan concern that there should Have a standard that you can't harm Children and be able to regulate social Media in that way I think on AI having a Framework that says we need safety Regulations we need human checks is Something that should be bipartisan this Should not be a partisan issue well we Will watch to see where you go on that But let's talk about what you did this Week that's making a lot of headlines You've taken heat for saying that Senator Dianne Feinstein should resign After weeks of being out for medical Care you also responded to a tweet Somebody was criticizing you about that And you said it's just common sense and Out of this there's no job I know of Where you can just continue to not show Up and people think that's perfectly Fine we live in a democracy the people Are the boss now Senator fetterman has Been out longer than she has is your Concerned just just about her or would

You say it also applies to him as well Well only in Washington would you get Criticized for saying something so Obvious I have a lot of respect for Senator Feinstein but she's missed 75 Percent of votes this year she hasn't Been showing up and she has no uh Intention we don't know if she's even Going to show up she has no return date In contrast Senator fetterman has said That he's going to show back up on April 17th so it's one thing to take medical Leave and come back it's another thing Where you're just not doing the job the The reality here is there's the sense Well you need to have a deference to These Senators who served so long how About a deference to the American people How about an expectation that if you Sign up to do one of these jobs you show Up okay so a number of folks out there Have said it's ageism it's sexism but it May be also a political opportunism Issue for you I want to read something That Kimberly strassel wrote In The Wall Street Journal she says don't think Mr Khan is motivated entirely by Civic Mindedness Governor Gavin Newsom has Vowed to appoint a black woman to miss Feinstein's seat should she step down For her term ends in 25. Mr Khanna Happens to be co-chairman of house Republican Barbara Lee's campaign for The seat Ms Lee is an obvious top

Contender for a placeholder pick which Would give her a huge leg up over rivals In 2024. so your response to those who Say this is a political situation for You more than a concern for the country Well I'm very proud to be a co-chair of Barbara Lee's campaign one of the Strongest anti-war voices in the Congress was opposed to these foreign Interventions but Governor Newsome can Appoint a caretaker he doesn't have to Appoint someone in the current race and I would support the governor doing that This has nothing to do with the current Race because a caretaker would solve That this has to do with someone who's Just not showing up and I said out loud What people have been saying in private And this is how the Beltway Works said They don't like it when you call out Someone who is in power and that's why People are unlikely to do it but you Know we've had so many calls from the American people and they say yeah it's Right if you're going to sign up to do These jobs show up well I will say to Get somebody on the record in this town Where there's a lot of whispering is Always an interesting development Congressman Connor Thank you for being With us this week thank you thank you so Much hi winner Brian Kilmeade I want you To do me a favor I want you to click to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page

This is the only way way that I know for Sure that you're not going to miss any Great commentary any great news bites Any great interviews coming your way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube So subscribe right now

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