This is a war on small businesses: Andrew Gruel

This is a war on small businesses: Andrew Gruel

Chef Andrew Gruel discusses how government policies are affecting small businesses and how the IRS is targeting tips on ‘The Next Revolution.’ #foxnews #fox #thenextrevolution

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So I want to end tonight with something We've touched on already a couple of Times in this show the way that power in Our country has been centralized totally Contradicting the idea at the heart of Our Constitution which is decentralized Power power in people's hands of course We see that in terms of government where More and more decisions are being taken Away from state and local government and Put in the hands of the federal Government and its massive bureaucracy But it's true in the economy too Everywhere you look big business is Squeezing out small business and in fact These two terrible trends go together There's increasingly an alliance between Big government and big business Sometimes inadvertently where government Bureaucrats just casually and Thoughtlessly spew out rules and Regulations that big corporations can Easily comply with but which are a Nightmare for smaller firms but honestly It can be more Sinister an active war on Small business being fought by big Business and big government corruptly Colluding with each other that argument Was one made to me incredibly powerfully On the podcast the other week by the Brilliant chef and entrepreneur and Anti-lockdown resistance hero Andrew Gruel and he joins us now Andrew I just Sort of summarized what you told me but

Um from your perspective as someone Who's been struggling against all this Just tell us how you see it Yeah I mean you you hit the nail on the Head effectively what's happened is that Big business has gotten a ton of cash Specifically from the government and as A result of deregulation on the big Business side it's the smaller Businesses that no longer have access to This capital in this cash and what's Happening is they can't develop those Economies of scale necessary in order to Compete in this business environment There was so much cash that was Available coming through the pandemic And it was just coming down in hordes But it was not distilling to the small Businesses it was difficult for them to Get they didn't necessarily have the Accounting firms and the capability in Order to access a lot of these funds in Addition to the fact that we know that Billions and billions of dollars were Misappropriated through fraud that the Government kind of turned a blind eye on And then the cash was just on a you know It was a river directly to the large Businesses and now we're in an economy Where things are uncertain there's a Lack of access to Capital by way of These increased interest rates there's a Lot of uncertainty inflation is just Driving everybody out of you know kind

Of their typical Comfort level when it Comes to going out and visiting a lot of These small businesses so a lot of Compounding influences specifically Created by this relationship between big Business and in many cases Silicon Valley and the government And a couple of the examples you gave Were really shocking I mean one was in Relation to zoning and local decisions In terms of you know who gets to do what Um in terms of local uh development Yeah it certainly is um you know where It used to be a relationship between a Local small business you know perhaps Somebody who's got five to ten employees And the city councils and the local Zoning boards now there's a lot more Influence coming down from a larger kind Of state perspective especially here in California while that feels like the Federal government and then obviously The federal government's control over a Lot of these various uh local Jurisdictions by way of new regulations Red tape and then just the economy Overall some of it isn't direct some of It is indirect but it still has the same Effect And then the IRS uh seemed to be waging A war on small business as well Yes you know we talked about how all These new IRS agents weren't going to Affect anybody making less than you know

That 400 000 threshold but we know that That's not the case especially with when It comes specific to the restaurant Industry we know that there's a Significant sum of IRS agents that have Been allocated in order to retroactively Go after service tips right servers People who don't make more than 75 to 100 000 a year and if they under report Their tips then the IRS agents are going To audit them and they're going to be Really specific about how much they Claimed but then it's the businesses That end up having to pay the penalties And they get penalized for any Misappropriation of um you know tip Claims by way of the server themselves And it's just another way in which they Can kind of reach into the pockets of These small business owners take out Capital take out cash that they need in Order to grow and look more than 50 I Think it's somewhere around 60 percent Of jobs created in the United States are Driven by small to medium-sized Businesses so ultimately this can have a Devastating effect the next five to ten Years when it comes to the growth of Jobs the GDP and the economy as a whole Exactly I mean you're so smart about all This that you I mean apart from you know The fact that you you just laid it all Out so clearly you should be some Analyst on Fox Business or something but

Um you also are an amazing entrepreneur You have a fantastic restaurant where I Had a wonderful meal the other week so I've got to let you just tell anyone Who's in Southern California where they Can go to get your food Well it's calico fish house so we're Just you know kind of a local family-run Business you'll see all four of my kids Back in the kitchen and we're producing Locally grown seed oil-free sustainable Fare and we're trying to do it at a Reasonable rate I mean for us I joke I Say this is my non-profit and I'm not Talking about 501c3 It's fantastic calico fish house it's Wonderful you're great Andrew thank you So much hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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