🔥 Tucker Carlson Blasts Leftist Insanity

🔥 Tucker Carlson Blasts Leftist Insanity

tucker Carlson poignantly captures the radical left’s absolute insanity.

Not calling for a religious War far from It I'm merely calling for an Acknowledgment of what we're watching Which is not one and I'm not certainly Not backing the Republican party I mean Look I'm not making a partisan point at all I'm I'm just noting what's super obvious Like those of us who were in our mid-50s Are caught in the past in the way that We think about this one side's like no You know I've got this idea And we've got this idea and let's have a Debate about our ideas they don't want a Debate Those ideas won't produce outcomes that Any rational person would want under any Circumstances Those are manifestations of some larger Force acting upon us It's so obvious It's completely obvious

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