Biden challenger: Democrats are heading for ‘impending disaster’

Biden challenger: Democrats are heading for 'impending disaster'

2024 Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips reacts to his performance in the New Hampshire primary election and discusses his bid for the White House. #foxnews

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All right uh Democratic hopeful Dean Phillips yesterday finished a look at This he got 20% uh of the Democrats voting in the New Hampshire primary yesterday and he Said this Afterwards we decided two weeks before The October 27 deadline to come up to Concer and we just earned 20% tonight And no one knew who you were 10 weeks Ago this country deserves options this Country should not have coronations and I know I know the exhausted majority of This country center right and Center Left Americans I know they'd much rather See a Nikki Haley Dean Phillips matchup This November and we're going to try to Get that Done okay that was last night now live Here in New Hampshire Democratic Presidential candidate Congressman de Dean Phillips also a David duy look Alike uh Congressman it's great to have You great to be with you Steve uh you Know at the White House this morning uh They're probably going wait a minute why Didn't we do New Hampshire again that Guy got 20% % I I've been in business Most of my life Steve I wish I could Tell you I've had a success where we Start from zero and had 20% market share And 10 weeks no Kidd I mean that's what This is about and you know and I as I Said for many weeks before this I

Respect Joe Biden but even those numbers Last night and not those of a strong Incumbent and as you pointed out earlier In your show today the lowest approval Numbers in measurable history and I'm Trying to wake up my party uh to what is An impending disaster uh yeah no kidding Uh in our voter anal is two interesting Statistics one of and these are just Democrats uh about let's see is Joe Biden too old 53% of Democrats say no But 47% say yeah he's too old and with Uh voters under 45 and these are Democrats people who requested a Democratic ballot um Joe got 43% of the Age 45 or under and you got about 30% That's a lot and there you can see the Numbers right there you know this should Be sting off a warning light at the White House but then again they're all In they they're heading to November Steve I've been saying for a year you Know the president could have cemented His legacy done what he essentially Promised was just to serve a term and be A bridge he's acknowledged there are 50 Democrats that could win this that Should win this and the truth is that I Think Joe Biden is the only person that Uh Donald Trump can beat and reverse as Well and we are facing a circumstance Where most of this country 70% wants Neither of these people I would imagine Like I said last night at my rally I

Think most of this country would rather See a Nikki Haley versus Dean Phillips Matchup and the country would be better Off yeah well one of the uh key issues I I I know we did voter analysis on Abortion within the Democratic party and That is you know 97% say abortion should Be uh available if if not in all in most Circumstances uh with Republican voters Uh they did break down according to Their number one uh priority and number One in the state of New Hampshire was Immigration and we see the we see what's Going on in our Southern border and I Don't get how the White House watches Those images you got a TV you've seen Them it's like how's that a good thing Well Steve I have more than a TV I've Been there twice I think it's a Responsibility of elected officials to Not just make decisions from screens but To go to the place where the crisis is In this case I've been to the southern Border TW twice every single voter I'm Speaking with around the country and I Bet every other candidate would say the Same thing costs and Chaos life is Unaffordable And people are fearful of the chaos at Our border around the world and Unfortunately I do not see the potential Of either of these men dealing with it In the way that our country really needs And the crisis of the border is solvable

I know that thoughtful Republicans want Thoughtful immigration policy and I know Democrats want border security so we Should be asking a question what the Heck is going on you know I'm glad you Mentioned the last part because you Mentioned thoughtful Republicans because Even though it was a trump event here in Rochester New hampsh a couple of days Ago you went to the Trump event and you Talked to a bunch of Republicans I did Steve that's my responsibility and I'm Sick of this political culture that only Rewards dividers you I flipped a District that had been Republican for 60 Years in 2018 I didn't do so by just Pandering to Democrats I invited Independents and Republicans I'm the Second most bipartisan member of Congress for a reason I have great Friendships with both sides of the aisle Any leader of the Free World should show Up and the other side's rally and say Hello and greet people and I got to tell You spoke with 50 I they were the most Hospitable thoughtful kind people I've Interacted with in a long time yesterday At the polls I said hello to everybody Holding signs Biden signs Williamson Signs my signs Trump signs Haley signs People were so decent and I would call It anger tainment Steve anger tainment Would have us believe we are so much More divided than we are and I just ask

People to don't turn off maybe this show Right now but turn off your TV sometime Go out in the country meet people give Some high fives handshakes and hugs and Let's get our act back together I don't Think these two men are the ones to do It it's time for a new generation that's My that's my proposition and I do think The country is ready for it I just think That political duopoly is preventing What most Americans want don't turn off The TV at all you might be a neon home And we need the ratings all right thank You a real pleasure thank you very much And congratulations hey thank you so Much here we go you think here we go I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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