Gavin Newsom mocked for ‘advice’ to Ron DeSantis

Gavin Newsom mocked for 'advice' to Ron DeSantis

Fox News contributor Joe Concha sounds off on California Gov. Newsom’s record in office and discusses the FBI’s reported move to flag some internet slang terms as ‘extremism.’ #FoxNews

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[Music] California governor Gavin Newsom Offering some political advice to Florida's governor Ron DeSantis during a Wide-ranging sit-down interview with Msnbc's Jen Saki If you are you're not advising Governor DeSantis I know that but what is his Political path here should he be running Away from criticizing Trump Trump's is Going to roll them thumped I honestly if I were offering him political advice I'd Tell him to pack up and wait a few years And actually do some of the hard work Which actually includes governing not Just identity and cultural War Well Joe Concha joins us now you know With the track record that California Has I don't know if I would be taking Any advice from Gavin Newsom but it's Also pretty rich considering that Massive sweep that DeSantis did in the Governor's election back in November Joe Precisely Ashley and look Ron DeSantis Is sitting at 60 percent approval in his Most recent poll as far as his job in Governing that Gavin Newsom just Criticized him on Gavin Newsom Infinitely lower uh look Jen saki is Telling her audience exactly what they Want to hear and calling him a star That's her job at MSNBC here's the facts On the record California has the highest Income tax in the country it's not even

Close California also has the highest Poverty rate in the country no State None is seeing a bigger exynos out of Its state in terms of citizens and also Businesses companies in California According to U-Haul the number one state They're going to is evil Florida run by Ron DeSantis number two is Texas so if You look at Gavin newsom's record he's No Billy Idol in terms of being a rock Star he's a failure and anyone sane and Sober in California will tell you that Todd and she was gushing all over and Saying hey you'd be on the collision Course if it weren't for Kamala I mean They live in a unique world that the Rest of reality doesn't exist called Warped it is Warped I think that's a Great word for it speaking of words they Release documents revealing the FBI is Tying common internet lingo with violent Extremism flag terms include red pilled Based and the names Chad and Stacy the FBI also flagging phrases that include It's over and just be first even though This is all often used innocently the Non-indocent portion of this is being Tied to the in-cell community the Involuntary celibates with fear that They are going to act out in a violent Way but shouldn't this be the FBI's Focus Joe What's with Stacy I like the name Stacy Why are we looking into Stacy right

Ashley I mean uh junior year it was Stacy with me anyway uh look uh maybe Instead of the fed's looking at red pill And what based and tying it to extremism Maybe we look at the 182 individuals who Have crossed over the U.S Southern Border illegally and were arrested who Were on the FBI Terror watch list Clearly that is should be more the Priority at this point and let's not Forget there are hundreds of thousands Of godaways who have come into this Country we have no idea who they are Where they are also on the terror watch List I'm sure so like everything in life It's all about priorities less about Language more about securing the U.S Southern border uh and and doing things That the FBI used to do when it wasn't Looking at language as far as being a Problem guys you know and also for this Weekend behind Easter being the number One thing that we was going on the Number two thing was obviously the Masters and then Tiger Woods he sparked Some retirement rumors after he withdrew From the Masters the golf legend took to Twitter to say I am disappointed to have To withdraw this morning due to Re-aggravating my planter Fasciitis there we go thanks Todd Yeah thank you to the fans and to the Masters who have shown me so much love And support good luck to the players

What did you think of this Well look Ashley Tiger Woods is 47 years Old that is not young in golf or any Sport on a professional level he has had Multiple knee surgeries back surgeries He was in that horrific car accident a Couple years ago where basically they Put nuts and bolts to put his leg back Together and in golf when you have to Play 72 holes there are no golf carts by The way in professional golf that's That's going to take a toll and this is A guy who is used to winning on a big Level at tournaments like the Masters I Don't think he likes the fact that he's Finishing 20 shots back sometimes when You're great you'll realize that you Want to go out without damaging your Legacy and maybe that's what Tiger Woods Is thinking about at this point where he Wants to win he doesn't want to just be There and that's something that should Be applauded on on some level because Obviously this is all he knows his golf Since he was four years old on on Johnny Carson yeah and you're playing against These Young Bucks who can hit the ball Of country mile I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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