McEnany: This is an astonishing number for a sitting president

McEnany: This is an astonishing number for a sitting president

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses a report that President Biden could announce a re-election bid next week, with co-host Emily Compagno saying the VP race could move to center stage. #foxnews

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Well after months of questions and Speculation President Biden reportedly Plans to launch his re-election campaign Next week the Washington Post reports it Will be a video announcement that could Come as soon as Tuesday which happens to Mark the four-year anniversary of his 2020 campaign launch but that timing Seems to contradict Biden's original Game plan with an axios report from Earlier this month that claimed this President Biden's advisors and close Allies don't expect him to announce a Run for re-election anytime soon and Some now believe it could come as late As July or perhaps even the fall but now It's Tuesday As it stands right now the Democrat Field has only self-help Guru Marianne Williamson an environmental lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jr who entered the race On Wednesday Republican hopefuls include Former president Trump and former U.N Ambassador Nikki Haley among others Um you know Paul Jackie Heinrich was Reporting that the timeline was always Around April so it's a little unclear The axios one said the fall so we've Heard some different reporting on that It could be as simple uh this campaign Launched in April as the fact that the President has some International trips Coming up there's the debt ceiling Negotiation so the timing makes sense or

It could be this let's put up the Polling for the Democratic nominees or Contenders I should say you've got Biden At 67 percent Robert F Kennedy Jr at 14 Percent so you have him in double digits This happened Wednesday so maybe President Biden woke up and said look I Got to get out there I think you're Right um I think looking at this sort of Tactically I think taking a step back They see this kind of a thing and They're saying to themselves we better Get out of of this because it doesn't Auger well for where all of this is Going right the other thing I think is As you said he's going to be overseas et Cetera but what he's going to be able to Do now is as the old saying goes you Campaign in poetry but you govern in Prose right well now for the rest of the Next two years or so he can govern in Poetry and what we're going to get now Is a lot of exalted rhetoric we're going To get a lot of soaring promises Etc and We're not going to get a whole lot of Action on the ground and you're already Seeing it with some of the initiatives That we're hearing coming out so as he Takes overseas trips Etc I think to Really put a fine point on it the idea Is make him more presidential because The notion that he's not really up to The job and I'm not breaking any new Ground here the notion that he's not

Really up to the job is really becoming Concretized in the American mind we're All really starting to see Uncle Joe as Somebody that we'd like to kind of keep At home on the couch right exactly we're Back in that basement Emily he might Have also looked at New Hampshire Polling which is in and very good I mean This is astonishing think about this This is the sitting president and take a Look at this UNH poll do you want Biden To run in 2024 these are Democrats in New Hampshire 50 percent say no 43 said they do want it and in this Other New Hampshire poll of potential Contenders we know only two in the race Currently but as Biden at 25 percent New Hampshire voters standard 17 Pete Budajeg at nine percent imagine your Transportation secretary just 11 points Behind the sitting president in the Polls it's really a wake-up call as well Look who they've elevated I mean Michelle Obama is 10 so they're still Fantasizing because they don't have Someone that's a clear leader right look At the array of not only politics of Where they said on the Spectrum but the Reality of all of these contenders the Reality Um and I have to remind everyone that The the campaign aspect remember when we Learned that essentially what they're Doing is gearing themselves up to be

Able to be nimble to be able pivot if Something happens to Biden for example I Mean he declines to pursue or perhaps There's dark horses in the running so I Think I agree with your point that They're certainly making him more Presidential but look for there to be a Very general campaign because they can Then just pick up and insert to whatever The next Contender is I think the really Interesting thing will be Gavin newsom's Comments as he emerges Kamala Harris's Comments because the reality is the Important position here is who's going To be vying for VP and who's going to Tow the party line or who's going to Break away and say the American people Don't want this so here's why I'm Throwing my hat in the ring because I Can do better and Democrat Party fall Into line behind me Julie there's been Quite a shift on the GOP side if we Could pop up the new Wall Street Journal Poll so in December it was uh Trump 51 Or currently it's Trump 51 percent DeSantis 38 December it was DeSantis 52 Trump 38 so Mirror Image flip here some Intangibles one DeSantis hasn't Announced he could get a Tailwind when He announces the debate stage is going To matter a lot but what do you make of This really Mirror Image shift yeah yeah It is Um however I have to say when you look

At the numbers and you actually hear Biden announcing his you know uh Presidential campaign the timing of it Is also very interesting he's planning On announcing four years to the date of The anniversary of when he announced his Presidency and his election uh campaign In 2020 right usually celebrate Anniversaries I mean for most for most Anniversaries that's a celebratory event This is nothing to celebrate I mean if You look at what's going on in this White house and what's going on in this Country when it comes to inflation gas Prices tensions with several superpowers Obviously I mean the country's a mess And so you know who is it was it one of You said that you know 67 percent I Guess was a was a good percentage for Why he wanted to jump in right because Numbers are high in that regard his Polling numbers are terrible I mean he's At like an all-time low so I don't think There's ever going to be a good time Yeah for him to announce no there's no Celebration on this anniversary no There's not cool you know I think Paul's Exactly right Biden's just going to look Presidential that's his his game plan And for me what Republicans can do no Name calling try to avoid the personal Insults I realize this is a very Optimistic pollyanish view but as much As you can draw a policy contrast it

Would really behoove Republicans to Illustrate that choice from the get-go Well absolutely and the biggest thing That Republicans do they can just shoot Themselves in the foot by going out and Attacking Biden he's doing a good enough Job on his own as Julie just alluded to His his approval rating is about 38 Right now according to CNBC and a CBS Poll from February shows that Americans Believe that about 57 believe that it is His policies that are causing bad Inflation and bad economy right now so He's doing it to himself and one thing Emily had mentioned how Michelle Obama Had about a 10 percent of democrats for The front runner and she's saying that's Fantastical well do you know what Kamala Harris had on that two percent and so The Democrats have a problem if Kamala Harris is going to be the VP candidate Once again people don't like her and It's not just Republican Democrats don't Like her as well so I I think it'll be Interesting to see who Biden chooses as His running mate because people will Know with his age that he may not last For a second term and so they're going To be looking at that VP candidate and People do not believe that Kamala Harris Has what it takes because she doesn't Yeah normally vice president makes you Heir Apparent but in this case with Kamala vice president gets you two

Percent of your party voting for you wow And quick reminder that fox will be Hosting the first Republican debate of The 2024 primary cycle it will be this August in Milwaukee the city that will Host the Republican National Convention We all look forward to seeing who's on That stage tune in right here on Fox hey Everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me and My co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee Mcineny on outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also Don't forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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