What’s Next for Trump After #Indictment from Grand Jury | #shorts

What's Next for Trump After #Indictment from Grand Jury | #shorts

“Donald Trump has faced allegations and investigations since before he became President… it’s really the citizens of New York who are suffering under Alvin Bragg’s terrible policies.”

One of our own legal experts, Zack Smith, reacts to the news of a Manhattan grand jury indicting former President Trump.

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The fact is Donald Trump has faced Allegations and investigations since Before he became president of the United States and this seems to continue along In that vein I suspect Donald Trump Won’t spend any time in custody if he is Arrested certainly keep in mind New York Has very lacks bail laws and in fact Alvin Bragg has pushed not to hold Anyone pending trial it’s likely that Donald Trump will be immediately Released if he is arrested but I think It’s important to compare Alvin Bragg’s Position in this case with his position On criminal justice more broadly he came Into office backed by George Soros Essentially pledging not to prosecute Many crimes not to seek incarceration in Most cases as Governor Ron DeSantis made The point earlier it’s really the Citizens of New York who are suffering Under Alvin Bragg’s terrible policies Foreign

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